Thanks to Malaysian customers for purchasing Taizheng Turret Milling Machine

Yapthiamsoong, a Malaysian customer, met and became acquainted with Taizheng Turret Milling Machine through the Internet. The editor-in-chief of Qingdao Taizheng’s website copywriting, carefully sorts out machine tool pictures and videos every day, and writes simple articles. Through the official website of Taizheng, the manufacturing process of Taizheng turret milling machine, the embodiment of product accuracy, the value of machine tools, the concerns of customers, the use of electrical appliances and transportation of turret milling machine are restored on the Internet, so that customers can understand TAJANE in every line Series of products, after receiving the machine tool, the Malaysian customer who is far away across the ocean happily praised Taizheng Machine Tool: “For the sake of ideals, create value, and create production! If you are interested in buying it, you can PM!”Why Taizheng turret milling is favored by Malaysian customers


The accuracy of Taizheng turret milling machine is guaranteed by precision components, and the European standard cable standard is implemented on electrical appliances: power line 2.5mm², control line 1.5mm², and electrical components adopt Siemens and Chint brands. The machine tool has five power-off protections. If any switch stops suddenly, the machine tool will be powered off. Taizheng turret milling machine, regardless of domestic sales or export products, is packaged with export-type solid wood steel strips, which are anti-skid, moisture-resistant, hard, and stretch-resistant, ensuring that the machine tools can be delivered to the customer’s factory in real time. Thanks again to Yapthiamsoong customer from Malaysia for purchasing Qingdao Taizheng turret milling machine.
Qingdao Taizheng TAJANE series machine tools, 20 years of craftsman spirit: focus, ingenuity, excellence, inspirational to become a practitioner of brand creation in the turret milling machine segment market industry.